A beautiful engagement session on the Big Island – Hawaii Wedding Photographer


Christy and Franky/ Big Island, Hawaii Engagement Photographer

Christy and Franky are so sweet and generous.

This fun couple flew over from  Australia to the Big Island for their destination wedding.

Before their wedding, they wanted to have a mini engagement session, so we met up at  Mahaiula Beach,

and these gorgeous shots are what followed. Check back soon to take a little peek at their wedding day.

2014-01-09_0039.jpg2014-01-09_0001.jpg2014-01-09_0055.jpg2014-01-09_0044.jpg2014-01-09_0046.jpg 2014-01-09_0004.jpg2014-01-09_0050.jpg2014-01-09_0041.jpg2014-01-09_0057.jpg 2014-01-09_0056.jpg2014-01-09_0008.jpg 2014-01-09_0007.jpg2014-01-09_0047.jpg2014-01-09_0011.jpg2014-01-09_0019.jpg2014-01-09_0054.jpg2014-01-09_0013.jpg 2014-01-09_0015.jpg2014-01-09_0016.jpg2014-01-09_0065.jpg2014-01-09_0053.jpg2014-01-09_0060.jpg 2014-01-09_0017.jpg

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