A little weekend getaway.



I recently got to catch up with a couple of my oldest and dearest friends for a relaxing weekend getaway. 
I met these two beauties when I was six years old, and we grew up together-sharing family holidays, sleepovers, ballet classes, French lessons, reading Jane Austen books…
It was so fun to reconnect and get time to catch up and reminisce. Who says grownups can’t have “sleepovers”.
 Here are a few snaps of our time together. 

2014-03-08_0009.jpg2014-03-10_0006.jpg2014-03-08_0016.jpg2014-03-11_0006.jpg2014-03-08_0018.jpg 2014-03-08_0002.jpg2014-03-10_0011.jpg2014-03-11_0005.jpg2014-03-08_0006.jpg2014-03-10_0007.jpg

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