Mike & Mindy Honeymoon in Hawaii


Psalm Oines Photography/Mike & Mindy Honeymoon in Hawaii

Mike and Mindy are the sweetest, newly weds. If you didn’t know it, you’d think they had been in love all their lives. Almost like they had already had

a lifetime to be around each other. They are both so at ease with each other, and as you can see totally tender towards one another. They also happen to be from

a small town in Alaska where I lived for 7 years,  and also where I am presently enjoying a little summer holiday of fishing, picking berries, catching up

with old friends and getting to be a part of two of my closer, Alaskan friends, both planning their weddings for this upcoming fall! It’s turning out to be

quite a lovely summer….and of course, I’ve been shooting away. I’ll have a few Alaska posts up for you soon. For now, enjoy this gorgeous post of the very in

love Alaskan honeymooners enjoying a little piece of paradise.



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