Beth and TJ Leavenworth Wedding


Psalm Oines Destination Wedding Photographer/Beth & TJ’s Leavenworth Wedding

Beth and TJ are such a thoughtful couple. I loved all the creative details of their wedding, and their focus on being close to family and friends.

They were so at ease and I could see that they and their many guests enjoyed every moment of their beautiful day.

Pine River Ranch is located just outside of Leavenworth Washington, and  provided the perfect backdrop for this romantic destination wedding.

I was so taken by the incredible beauty of this place, the changing leaves, beautiful mountains, and fountains of beer (smile). I will definitely be heading back this way again!

Make sure to swing by  Cashmere Floral Design  to check out more loveliness from  their Seattle based, floral and decor designer Teressa, who did such a beautiful job! 

Congratulations Beth and TJ- you two sure make an amazing pair!


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  1. deb March 25, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

    lovely. lovely. lovely. You have a super eye Psalm. You also had excellent subjects to photograph. Beautiful wedding.