Waimea Family Photo Shoot


Psalm Oines Photography/Waimea Family Photo Shoot

I love hanging out with these 3 beauties. Brooke, of  Brookelyn Photography, lives in New York, and is one of our good friends, who happens to also be one of  my all time favorite

 photographers. This was my second time photographing Brooke and her daughter Aven. Her sister Lindsay joined in for the afternoon of  fun!  We spent a few hours in the sunny,

 wind-swept, Waimea countryside, taking turns behind and in front of the lens, swapping outfits and bribing little girls with cookies.

Thank you Brooke of Brookelyn Photography for the amazing family photo shoot!  



2013-03-20_0011.jpg2013-03-20_0009.jpg2013-03-20_0003.jpg 2013-03-20_0013.jpg2013-03-20_0015.jpg2013-03-20_0004.jpg 2013-03-20_0005.jpg 2013-03-20_0006.jpg 2013-03-20_0007.jpg 2013-03-20_0008.jpg

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