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Psalm Oines Wedding Photography

Recently, I have had several brides ask to see the images from an entire wedding that I have shot. This got me thinking, why not do a post on one?

Well, the answer is, there are just so many images to post at once, and some more personal than others.

However, just this once I would like to share a full wedding with you (and truth be told, I skimmed down just a wee bit on this post too).

If I were a bride and groom and looking for a wedding photographer, I would want to know a few things about the wedding photographer

I was hiring. (Is the quality of their photos consistent? Does their style match mine? How do they see things, and do they capture the story?)

All great questions to ask. So this post is in answer to all your inquiries. Let me know if it is helpful!

2013-05-06_0001.jpg 2013-05-06_0002.jpg 2013-05-06_0003.jpg 2013-05-06_0004.jpg 2013-05-06_0005.jpg 2013-05-06_0006.jpg 2013-05-06_0007.jpg 2013-05-06_0008.jpg 2013-05-06_0009.jpg 2013-05-06_0010.jpg 2013-05-06_0011.jpg 2013-05-06_0012.jpg 2013-05-06_0013.jpg 2013-05-06_0014.jpg 2013-05-06_0015.jpg 2013-05-06_0016.jpg 2013-05-06_0017.jpg 2013-05-06_0018.jpg 2013-05-06_0019.jpg 2013-05-06_0020.jpg

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  1. Marie Goode May 9, 2013 at 12:23 am #

    Psalm – what an amazing collage of a great event!! You have such talent…a real gift. Also, I know the love that was behind your shooting this wedding…and it comes through. What a gift that we could be part of it…and loved reliving the whole thing through your photos!! I know that Soleil was SOOO blessed. Love you much…M++